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  • The Unknown (2003) ....... John Eagleheart

  • Black Cloud (2003) ....... Jimmy
    Because of his hatred for the white man, a boy from the reservation, who is trying to become a professional boxer, faces many difficulties. Jimmy, a bull rider, is Black Cloud's best friend and gets caught in the middle of Black cloud and his many adventures.

  • Ginger Snaps 3(2003) ....... Hunter
    This is a prequel to the previous Ginger Snaps films. This one is set in the 1800s and revolves around werewolves. Nathaniel's character hunts the werewolves.

  • Skins (2001) ....... Teen Mogie
    Mogie and Rudy Yellowshirt are brothers living on the Pine Ridge Reservation. While Rudy has escaped the unemployment and alcoholism that is prevalent on the reservation by becoming a policeman, Mogie has fallen into a self-destructive pattern. Older Mogie is played by Graham Greene.

  • Virtual Insanity (2001) ....... Daniel
    Short film about a web designer who returns to his hometown to find that all the townspeople have disappeared into cyberspace.

  • American Outlaws (2001) ....... Comanche Tom
    Nathaniel plays a member of the infamous Jesse James Gang in the action-comedy.

  • Speaking of Sex (2001) ....... Calvin
    Movie about a marriage counselor and a depression expert who team up to help save a couple's marriage. Nathaniel plays the part of the motel manager.

  • Doe Boy (2000) ....... Junior
    Story of a half-Cherokee boy who suffers from hemophilia and how he deals with his illness in a blood-obsessed culture.

  • My Brother (1999) ....... Billy
    Short film follows the lives of two brothers who were placed in the social services system when they were boys and how it affected their lives.

  • Chasing Indigo (1999) ....... Tom
    Two women follow the Indigo Girls concert tour across the United States. Nathaniel plays the part of a hitch-hiker picked up by the women.

  • Grey Owl (1999) ....... Ned White Bear
    Grey Owl (Pierce Brosnan) was considered one of Canada's first environmentalists and tried to save the beaver from extinction. Ned White Bear was Grey Owl's good friend and adopted brother.

  • Legend of Two Path (1998) ....... Wanchese
    Docu-drama made by a film school in NC. Explores the arrival of the English on Roanoke Island on North Carolina's outer banks from the Indian perspective. This film can only be seen by visiting the Roanoke Island Festival Park.

  • Stone Coats (1996) ....... Lil Crow
    Deals with the violent world of a gang of teenagers living in the streets. Due to funding problems, it has never been released.

  • Crazy Horse (1996) ....... Little Hawk
    Crazy Horse (Michael Greyeyes) was the ultimate warrior who tried to preserve the culture of his people. Nathaniel played the part of Crazy Horse's younger brother in this TNT epic.

  • Savage Land (1994) ........ Tree Climber
    Bumbling stage coach robbers trying to disguise themselves as Indians are outsmarted by two kids and two women traveling west.

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  • Wildfire 7 (2002) ....... Red
    A convict (Tracey Gold) becomes a smokejumper as part of a prison work release program. Nathaniel's character is one of her fellow firefighters.

  • DaVinci's Inquest 'God Forbid We Call It What It Is' (2002) ....... Vern
    Nathaniel portrays a crack head who is trying to get clean on this CBC drama centered around a Vancouver coroner.

  • Lone Ranger (2002) ....... Tonto
    This is an updated version of the Lone Ranger tale during the early years. Luke Hartman (AKA Lone Ranger) is rescued by kung fu fighting Tonto, and the two team up to fight injustice.

  • DreamKeeper (2002) ....... Broken Lance
    This mini-series about Native legends is scheduled to air on ABC in November 2003. Nathaniel's young son has a part in the mini-series too!

  • Jeremiah 'Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass' (2001) ....... Shoshona
    Watch for this new sci-fi series on Showtime. Stars Luke Perry (BH 90210) and Malcolm Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show).

  • Before We Ruled the Earth (formerly Living with Monsters) (2001) ....... Gii-aak
    Nathaniel plays the part of a Paleo-Indian in this docu-drama made for Discovery/TLC.

  • 100 Days in the Jungle (2001) ....... Leonard Carter
    Movie for CTV about Canadian oil pipeline workers taken hostage by South American rebels. Filmed in Costa Rica.

  • Caitlin's Way (2000) ....... Garth Crowchild
    Series about a street-smart teen who is sent to live with relatives in a small Montana town after she gets into trouble with the law. Nathaniel plays the part of the town's deputy.

  • Incredible Story Studio 'Grandpa and Me' (1999) ....... Grandpa
    Series written by and for kids. Nathaniel teams up with Dakota House in this story of time travel.

  • Due South 'The Mask' (1996) ....... David
    An aboriginal mask is stolen from a museum. David and Eric (Rodney Grant) are the prime suspects.

  • North of 60 (1994-1998) ....... William MacNeil
    Lynx River is a small town in Canada's Northwest Territories. Nathaniel plays the part of a troubled young man who strives to take over the bootlegging and drug-dealing business of the town's villian, Albert Golo (Gordon Tootoosis).

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